Moovalya is a three piece punk band hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Despite being the new guys in town, Moovalya busted down the doors of the Phoenix music scene in 2009 with their locally recorded, self-titled debut album by playing shows as much as possible and even attaining airplay. In 2010, they stepped it up by releasing a 5 song EP, First Degree, and began traveling outside of Phoenix to play shows. In 2011, Moovalya was able to prove to Sarah Saturday and Earn it Yourself that with their hardworking D.I.Y. ethics and live presence, they were the right candidates in Phoenix to land a spot on Warped Tour 2011. Around the same time, the band had went to Hollywood to record with Will McCoy (Anarbor, All Time Low) and had the music mixed by Kyle Black (Set Your Goals, Call the Cops) which was recorded but never physically released. Moovalya soon began working with producer Larry Elyea of Mind’s Eye Studios (Authority Zero, Beastie Boys, Jason Cruz (Strung Out)) and recorded 8 additional songs in August of 2012 to release their latest self-titled album . They release their own records, and have a sound like no other. They are MOOVALYA.

Benjamin Jones – Vocals / Guitar
Sean Stroud – Bass / Vox
Mitch Hosier – Drums

Moovalya – Self Titled

Moovalya – First Degree E.P.

Moovalya – Wasteland E.P.

Moovalya – Untitled – Full Length
August 2012


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