VOTE FOR US TO PLAY WARPED TOUR 2014: (you can vote every day)

While you are here, watch one of our music videos!


92 thoughts on “MAILING LIST

  1. Listening to ur songs I like them they are good to listen to getcha pumped a but too maybe but I just wanted to know if u play out this way like warp tour or anything I’m lookin to take my daughter to the show she’s really wantin to go??? Holla at me letcha know if u all ever play around here??? Thanks for the link!!!

  2. Anything that has to do with music is worth living for. Make music that positively impacts the listeners and you have the power to change the world!

  3. Hey Guys,
    It was great to see your vid for the first time. Hailing from Southern California and being a part of the original punk movement and attending every show from Dead Kennedy’s to The Cramps at “secret locations” lol I was stoked to see you guys put some of that raw power into your music, craft catchy hooks and construct good songs for this decade. Keep it up – I’ll see you at one of your shows soon.
    RaVen Lynch
    P.S. I’m launching a #crowdfunding campaign. One friend was successful on IndieGoGo but the genius on the topic prefers Kickstarter. Please stay tuned and let’s promote each other!

  4. You guys are very good. Loving the guitars and the drummer is cute lol. I really like you guys and hope to see more of you.
    Love from, Kitty – lead vocalist and guitarist for The Odd Rebels

  5. And I just bought your albums on ITunes…you guys are awesome love the music! Keep it up!! Hope to see you guys live in the bay! =)

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