Their sound and attitudes border somewhere between Anti-Flag and 30 Foot Fall. You know, that straight forward punk rock that is fun and meaningful all in the same breath. The punk rock that is designed to get you fucking moving. These songs are awesome on the album, but they are begging to be heard live, where you can thrash in the pit and scream along…


They’re the sort of band that can make older snobs understand the appeal of the present day Warped Tour sound. There’s a definite link from the music of the past to this newish form, but its immediate influence is itself.

Earn It Yourself

“They are punk rock to the bone, and brought out the moshpit to prove it. I was happy to see that the pit wasn’t violent, and that kids were helping each other up when they fell. Reminded me of the punk shows I used to go to back in the day.”

Moovalya :: Old School Punk with a New Found Flair
Froglix Radio
…a vibe that is fast, furious and full of that old school punk angst that rings true for so many. They have an explosive sound that will have you longing for an old school thrash straight from the jump.

New Music – From Psychobilly to Pop Punk
Punk Outlaw
Their sound is very radio friendly and you could definitely imagine them on the Warped Tour some day.

KWSS 106.7 Independent Radio 
The Morning Infidelity
“Moovalya officially becomes a TMI homegrown hit”

New Times Phoenix
“…it sounds like it could have emerged from that burgeoning pop punk scene of the late 1990s/early 2000s”

Very Indie Punk…
Beth @ Punk of All Forms
Very indie punk almost emo enough to be the movielife,with a strike anywhere attitude and all in all it’s just moovalya being themselves and doing it well. keep chewing cause this piece of gum never loses it’s taste.


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